Calls Performances

Real-time call monitoring and historical

You can always know a set of elements that give you complete control of your current status.

You can monitor your calls all the time, in real time, may have control of the calls that are active, and know who is receiving them, the customer numbers and the duration of each call.

Call Flow Trends

But not only active calls, you can graphically monitor all calls received in the last 24 hours, and in the last 10 days; this will let you analyze the call flow that is taking your business and also to know how the calls are behaving regarding your bussiness results.

Call History

Having an easy handling history of your calls with date range filters, selecting  the caller and recipient’s number, and the type of call whether incoming, outgoing or missing,   will allow you to access and control each call you need to check, by obtaining the date and time it was made, who received  the call, the duration and its recording.  You can also export this information to a file XLSX (Excel).