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Vastipp Success VOIP Calls provides solutions that simplify the administration and Increased Productivity and Benefits Call Center Environments

Let Vastipp take your call center environment to the next level with VOIP services that reduce the cost of facilities and increase revenue. Select from the following Vastipp VOIP Service options:

Vastipp TRUNX - SERVICES SIP Trunking

Replace your traditional Trunk services with Vastipp SIP Trunking and reduce specialized facilities and trunking costs.

Vastipp TRUNX provides a robust IP -> Connectivity PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and have unlimited availability, flat-rate measurement options and sub-penny.

Suitable for both automated environments (based on marker) or not.

Vastipp TRUNX can produce significant savings over traditional dedicated services. Choose to use compression codec Vastipp TRUNX to save bandwidth and also save your money in Internet services.


Need local presence in an area of ​​Marketing?

Use Vastipp TRAX DIDs (Virtual Phone Numbers) to display a local number and increase customer callbacks up to 50%!

Available in most primary and secondary markets in the US, Canada and selected countries worldwide, provides a cost effective way to expand its scope of marketing or customer service.
VIRTUAL PRIVastipp Vastipp T T is a virtual T1 or PRI that can be configured as needed for input, output or 2-way calls. Organize trunk groups as needed for optimal functionality. Vastipp T is available only in select US markets.