Enterprise Solutions

Communications services are the lifeline of any business. Vastipp is associated with Tier 1 Carriers to ensure VoIP services, stable and reliable.

Vastipp VOIP services can be arranged to suit the communication needs of small and large companies, improving corporate image and productivity while reducing overheads.

Vastipp Success Calls offers a variety of business plans. Please contact a sales agent to get an estimate.

Each Vastipp service includes:

  • An IP Trunk for Inbound / Outbound unlimited USA and Canada
  • User / Extension
  • A phone number (USA or Canada)
  • Vastipp Hosted PBX System
  • Advanced calling

Users are connected to PBX, can enjoy its features, and access to any IP Trunk available for incoming / outgoing calls. Other solutions available for high-volume use, are Call Center, IVR, or calling card. SIP Trunking for high-volume use.

Vastipp  business plan includes:

  • Simplify communications infrastructure
  • Connect remote offices and corporate headquarters employees
  • Enjoy the features of Advanced Call FREE
  • Guaranteed phone numbers (DID) outside Area Code
  • Increased productivity
  • Save money by eliminating domestic long distance charges
  • Save up to 80% on international calling rates

For more information, please contact a Sales Agent