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Vastipp Success Calls is the solution you need to manage and secure a better phone service in your business offices. It offers advanced features making your business more efficient and let you focus on what you do best while you save money.

Vastipp is 24/7 available to answer your clients ensuring that your business is always present. It provides tools for you to get better results. 

Not sure what type of VOIP solution is right for you? Let Vastipp's Sales Engineers help you analyze your communication needs and recommend a solution that better suits your needs to improve the way you do business.

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Make your decisions about calling features such as automated attendant, music on hold, and integrated voicemail, in addition to how many phones you’ll need to connect.
You need to be sure your network is connected to internet. Adding voice traffic to your network can be a significant additional load for your network to carry. You need to make sure it can handle the additional traffic smoothly.
After the decisions are made, the service and devices can be installed in your business. During the installation it might be necessary to fit some features in your network according to your needs in order to have the best quality of service.